Change Any Behaviour Permanently

Change any behaviour FOREVER “There is one thing that 99% of failures and successful people have in common: they all hate doing the same things. The difference is successful people do them anyway.” -Darren Hardy We all know that changing any behaviour is hard, and
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How to overcome Shyness forever

How to overcome you shyness for good. We’ve all had moment in our live when we felt a little shy, maybe you first networking event, you join a new group, or start a new school. Whatever the situation, do you find your self getting tongue
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Are you a High Functioning Alcoholic?

We have this image of what an alcoholic really is, right? Lets try to build that picture right now, try to conjour up that image in your mind. Someone in the gutter, scruffy, unkept, they always drink way too much and their life is literally
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How To Overcome Failure

  How to overcome failure. Inspired by Gary Vaynerchuck, if you don’t know who he is I recommend you google. In the midst of failure when you’re feeling so sh*tty and so awful, how do you actually gain positivity and move forward? I ask myself
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Why Are The Holidays So Hard?

  Why are the holidays so hard? I can’t be the only one who has noticed, but I feel like the holiday season has come along harder, faster, more ostentatious and over the top than ever. The amount of stress and pressure the media and
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Stop Dieting, loose weight faster and smarter.

  Do you want to change your life with out suffering as diets can so often be so hard to stick to. Do you want to rewire your brain to loose the weight permanently? I don’t want you to be stuck on the continual diet
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